Hunter Wheel Balancing

Today’s cars are designed with safely, efficiency and comfort in mind.  Unchecked excessive wheel balance wheel vibration can cause:

  • Excessive Tyre wear

  • Damage to steering and suspension components

  • Reduced comfort, handling and steering performance


If you find that your steering wheel wobbles or vibrate above a certain speed, this may be a sign that your wheels are not correctly balanced.

We have state of the art wheel balancing equipment that will ensure a smooth and wobble free ride whilst ensuring your costly tyres are not worn before their time. Using state of the art wheel balancing equipment from Hunter, we are able to perform road force balancing which will ensure an even greater degree of correction for your costly tyres.

What is Road Force Balancing?

Much like traditional wheel balancing, road force balancing involves correcting wheel imbalance when the wheel is spun. Road Force balancing allows a greater degree of correction by identifying both Road Force Variation and Lateral Force.

Road Force Variation

Road Force variation is when the wheel is of round  or there is uneven tread/tyre wall stiffness. Together these can cause vibration that is not associated with traditional wheel balancing. This is corrected by rotating the tyre on the wheel rim and aligning the “stiff spot”.

Lateral Force

This is the amount of flex in tyre wall. This flex can cause the car to pull in a certain direction. By measuring the amount of lateral force on each wheel our trained technicians are able to minimise its effects by changing the wheel placement.

How often?

We recommend that your tyres are balanced each time your tyres are replaced, every 10,000 miles or every year – which ever is sooner

Correctly balanced wheels will save you money and improve your vehicle’s handling

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